Builder's one year warrant inspection

Why Is a Builder’s One Year Warranty Necessary?

Moving into a newly built home is an exciting thing every homeowner can relate to; everything is new and almost perfect. You also get a one-year builder’s warranty.

What is a builder’s warranty?

This guarantees that the building company will cover repairs or replacements of any defects found in the new home in that one year.

So, before your warranty expires, please take full advantage of it by hiring a professional to do a home inspection.

The inspection will mostly cover significant parts of your home, like:

  • HVAC inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Structural inspection
  • Plumbing systems inspection
  • And appliances inspection

The inspector will then give you a report of the condition of your home, highlighting the various areas that need repair or replacement.

What’s the necessity of the Builder’s One-Year Warranty Inspection?

You’ve spent a whole lot of money building your new home; having to deal with expensive repairs 12 months after moving in would be frustrating.

The good news is your warranty is an opportunity to address any defects of the home, and the fun part is you’re not paying for the repairs.

So, an inspection makes perfect sense. Without it, you won’t know the defects your home has.

Additionally, you also get recommendations for preventive maintenance, which will help you maintain the value of your new home.

Cost of the inspection

There is no set price for this inspection; it all depends on the inspection company you hire.

But, compared to the expensive repairs you may incur without the inspection, let’s just say the assessment is a steal.

Ready for an inspection?

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