The In’s and Out’s of A Home Maintenance Inspection

Do you have concerns about your home’s condition? Whether it’s the roofing system, the foundation, or any other parts of your home, a maintenance inspection will clear all your worries.

This inspection is just like any other home inspection, except you do it merely to know the condition of your home and without any intentions of selling it.

The inspection focuses on the primary systems of your home, such as:

  • The roofing
  • Structural systems, for instance, the foundation and walls
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • And insulation and ventilation system

A licensed contractor best performs the inspection for several reasons.

First, a professional contractor will see all the tiny details you may not notice and all the vital signs that something is about to fail.

A licensed contractor will also enlighten you on the maintenance practices you should employ on your house systems.

When to carry out a maintenance inspection

Ideally, this inspection aims at catching minor problems before they turn into significant issues. It will thus be in your best interest to have it at least every three to five years.

What’re the processes of a home maintenance inspection

Like any other inspection, the inspector will walk you through the home, pointing out all the necessary findings and explaining to you what it means.

You also get a chance to ask questions and seek clarifications throughout the process.

The inspector will also give you recommendations of what you need to do to keep your systems functioning properly.

After a few days, the inspector will present you with an inspection report detailing all his findings. As opposed to buyer’s inspection, you will be the one rectifying all the problematic areas found.

And because the process is just the same as a home inspection, the costs are often the same. And that crowns this inspection as a cost-effective measure of keeping your home in perfect shape.

So, give your home some care by carrying out this inspection today.

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