Property Inspections of New York offers a full range of home inspection services to give you peace of mind about your family’s safety and investment.   

Buyer's Inspection

We follow the NY Code of Ethics & Regulations for Home Inspectors standards of practice and will inspect the following areas of your home when safely accessible and visible:

Structural Systems

 Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems

Heating Systems

Cooling Systems

Water Heater



Insulation and Ventilation



New Construction Inspection

Newly built homes should be inspected for oversights in construction before a final walkthrough happens.  We uncover the hard to find issues in construction so that builders can address them before the walkthrough. 

Builder’s One Year Warranty

Many new homes are sold with a Builder’s Warranty which covers defects in the first year. By having the home inspected, typically during the 11th month of the warranty, homeowners can get the most of their coverage by finding issues and requesting repairs in time.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Like buyer’s, sellers can also benefit from requesting a professional home inspection. During a Seller’s Inspection, we check to home for any damages or defects present before it gets listed. This gives the seller a chance to repair the home as advised so that no surprises pop up when buyer’s schedule an inspection of their own.

Home Maintenance Inspection

To avoid issues in the home going unnoticed, owners should schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection. We will inspect the home for damage, defects, and components that are in poor working condition. In your report, you will find a prioritized list of repairs that we recommend for proper home maintenance.

Multi-Unit Inspection

A regular home inspection of a property that has two to four units.  It is very important that each system in every unit is inspected.