How Does a Property Inspection Report Protect Landlords?

Rental property inspections are visual examinations of a rental property usually requested by property managers or landlords.

As a landlord, you need to conduct this routine inspection to review and assess the property’s condition when clients move in or out of your property.

After the inspection, you will get an inspection report detailing the property’s condition, which the tenant also signs.

This way, the tenant knows your expectation of the property’s condition during their stay and when they leave.

You also have the opportunity to make any necessary repairs before the tenant settles in.

Let’s explore the ways an inspection report will protect you as a landlord.

  • Documents the condition of the property when a tenant moves in
    It is vital to carry a move-in inspection before the tenant settles in. Actually, in the spirit of fairness, the assessment should be done when the tenant is present.
    This will offer both of you a chance to assess and be aware of the condition of the property.
    Documenting the property’s condition helps prevent any disputes about damages that were present when the tenant moved in and the damages that occurred during the tenant’s stay.
  • Documents the state of the property before the tenant moves out
    A rental inspection report usually contains a section of a move-out inspection. This means when your tenant is ready to move out, the same information will still apply.
    The move-out inspection section helps in comparing damages you find to what you recorded during the move-in inspection.
    This means the tenant likely caused any new damages found during their stay.
    Take note that general wear and tears like a worn-out carpet or any other minor damages resulting from regular use is not something to charge a tenant for.
  • Eliminates disputes about security deposits
    An inspection report also helps prevent disputes of whether security deposits should be refunded or not.
    For instance, in a case where a tenant insists on not causing any damage, you can simply show them the inspection report they signed. You can then compare the current damages and the ones in the initial report.
    So how about you give yourself peace of mind by having these inspections?

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