Home Inspector 

As a young boy, Sonny discovered his love for construction. Growing up he watched his dad build homes in Puerto Rico, and when of age he joined him as his assistant. He eventually became a licensed contractor and started his own construction company.  He acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the home building process.  He gained a reputation for having an “eagle’s eye” for the ability to see and notice things that no one else could.   

In 2018 Sonny decided to become a certified Home Inspector. He received his certification from AHIT American Home Inspectors Training School. There he gained the education and skill set needed to help people during the home purchasing process. He enjoys explaining the issues at hand with his clients during the home inspection. Sonny truly finds pride and passion in what he does.


  • As a customer-centered business, we see our clients as more than a number. We see them as our neighbors in the community that we share. For this reason, we’ll go above and beyond to provide you with the highest quality inspections you can count on.
  • We are fully licensed and follow the New York Code of Ethics and Regulations for all of our inspections.
  • Our attitude- we love what we do and it shows in all of our completed inspections!